Cacee cobb dating history

Cacee cobb dating history

That didn’t go well: She separated from Lamar Odom amid accusations that he is a crack addict.

Now she’s dating a second-rate rapper (French Montana), while her older sister is married to Kanye West. Khloe makes her sister look good, but not by being an available sounding board — she makes Kim look good by making worse choices, which would seem difficult considering that Kim skyrocketed to fame after a sex tape she made with Ray J surfaced. He was moderately famous before world, where the celebrity-best-friend role is fulfilled by committee, he’s doing a great job.

But Khloe is second to her sister because she’s not just an iteration of the reality TV second-banana archetype — she’s actually an iteration of Kim. Recently, on the show, he was accused of leaking information about Kourtney and Scott Disick to the press.

While this would likely be a gross betrayal on a different reality TV show, in this case it’s actually Cheban meeting his true potential as a hanger-on.

Even though there are plenty of fake love interests and artificial plotlines, best friends abound.

Kim may not be everyone’s favorite sibling, but she is undoubtedly the most famous, comfortably atop the Kardashian-Jenner family fame power rankings.

And maybe even more important, she contributed a level of authenticity that had done that work.

It was June 2004, and big-box electronics stores were an unimpeachable part of American life.

"Maxwell and Wilder - a dream come true for me and @caceecobb #Double BFF," she captioned the picture.

Cobb is Simpson's former personal assistant, and the pair have been close friends for years.

Their commonality was choosing a lifestyle that predated the TV show, as opposed to living in a way that the TV show dictated.

Even on , the fun in watching was derived not just from seeing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie embarrass themselves, but seeing how they did it together, too.

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Their scenes were free from the scrutiny that burdened the characters and the show itself — they were natural together.

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