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273 Poems, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, a reriew of, - - 113 Poetry, ^ssay on, - - - - - - 334 Polymigia, - - - - - -27, 48 Republics, Ancient and Modem, Origin and Geographical Position of, - - 243 Literature and Religion of^ - - - 289 Retirement, ...... They must be expected to view every thing through a medium of intentional distortion, to represent in false colors the manners of our people and the customs of society, and to give an unnatural glare to every distinctive feature in our na- tional institutions and national cliaracter.

Under such circumstances, schooled as all mankind have been in the senti- ments of aristocracy and legitimacy, and imbibing as they do, almost with the first elements of education, a settled adherence to the prin- ciples and institutions of monarchy, it is not a matter for surprise that they should entertain prejudices in relation to our country, as settled as their national character.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. As the dark- ness gathered round, the wind increased, and large drops of rain oc- casionally falling bid them prepare for a severe night, which in truth they had.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Most of them, however, wrapping themselves in their blankets, with their feet to the fire, appeared determined to forget present vexations in sleep, in spite of wind and rain.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Let the imagination cull its sweetest flowers to weave for them the " garlands of fame," and the " chaplets of renown." Let the fires of eloquence be kin- dled to their brightest glow in the eulogy of their virtues — ^let history enter upon its records some lasting memorials to their praise — let the monuments of art, imperishable as the names they commemorate, pro- tect and hallow the spot where their ashes are smouldering — where their bones are reposing amidst dissolution and decay. Though, Spring, thou art most beautiful, vie not with maiden fair, Take off* thy flow'ry diadem and wreath her flowing hair; And ye Roses veil your blushes 'neath the silver-leafed vine, J When bending, round your envious buds her silken tresses twine.

The arts, too, having ex- hausted every resource of ingenuity, appeared to have copied with exactness, and embodied in perfection, all the nicest proportions of nature.

Her system of religion had borrowed its features most directly from the sacred pages of inspiration ; her literature was more extensive, chaste and refined than that of any of her cotem- poraries ; her scholars were foremost in the pursuits of science ; her specimens of the arts were conceived in the purest taste, and exe- cuted upon the most exquisite models; in short, every thing in ber internal structure and domestic regulations, as well as every thing in her foreign relations contributed to render indisputable those claims which she had set up to pre-eminence and distinction.

No nation was more disposed, (and none certainly was better entitled,) to indulge in these extravagant views and anticipations than our '' mother country." Her institutions of government, besides that they were founded on the experience of past ages, had already, for a long period, stood the test of actual ex- periment, without having exhibited, even in the midst of those dis- orders which had convulsed and changed almost the whole order of things in continental Europe, any dangerous sympton)s of decay or dissolution.

claims to distinction ; Statuary, its most interesting models in the persons of those who have attained to eminence in some department of labor connected with the public interest ; Architecture and Sculp- ture, their noblest objects in the erection and embellishment of monuments, designed to point out the spot " where sleep the wise, the good, the talented, the brave." These considerations are en- tirely general in their nature, and admit of no particular local appli- cation ; but there are those which bear directly, and with peculiar force, upon the interests of our own nation.

- 369 To Correspondents, - 288, 328 Vacation Adventures, - . Painting finds its fittest subjects in the scenes of heroic exploits, where warriors have exhibited their prowess, and commanders have establbhed their 6 HONORS TO THE ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Diw-dwp—A Pablfi, - -'«« ^^^ Vacuioii A(li«nluro«, Tin- 1,, -^w ^^r Autiiiimi - . Others were endeavoring to arrange shelters, by means of sticks covered with palmetto leaves, and some were stripping bark from the trees as a covering for their rifies and powder ; but these, satisfied with their arrangements, soon stretched themselves to rest beside their com- rades.

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