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Amongst the instruments we hear are flute, saxophone and keyboards This LP-reissue is extended with two bonus tracks taken from their 1972 single on Pilz, 'Early Morning Moanin' b/w 'Proud Angelina'. Joy Fleming and her band, Joy Unlimited, released six high brow LP's in the early seventies. OAKLAND STROKE Hot on the heels of the first volume, here's the irresistible 'Slabs Of Humdingers Volume Two', featuring 19 greasy groovers compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr.

'Schmetterlinge' (in English 'Butterflies') was released on the legendary Pilz label in 1971 and presents a fine blend of prog, blues, jazz and ballet music, featuring rock instruments as well as flute and saxophone. This deluxe set on 180-gram vinyl contains a "humdinging" mix of '50s and '60s R&B rarities and obscurities from a cross section of labels s.a.

Child are honoured to fly the flag and will leave no crack unfilled as they spread their brand of heavy psych blues across the earth. Released in a hand numbered edition of 200 LP's on 180-gram solid red vinyl, presented in a gatefold cover. It was Cornell Campbell's 'Gorgon', produced by Bunny in 1975, that proved to be one of the defining records of the mid '70s when cut after cut after cut of this flying cymbals extravaganza dominated the dance halls. Online music reviewer David Spalding says "Unlike the majority of Rich's previous work, this is a consistently dark, troubling vision ... A sound inspired by (and very close to) the great Santana (circa Abraxas-era). Killer Hard rock power trio from Michigan led by guitarist & vocalist Paul Frank who's wild acid rock solo's dominate this great release.

The group take pride in upholding the strong tradition of Australian rock that preceded them which gave birth to likes of AC/DC, The Easybeats, Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Masters Apprentices to name a few. That tune also became one of the first reggae hits in the USA. Lee Bunny is known by many aliases, including Striker and Gorgon. The album slowly reveals a psychoactive soundscape of shape-shifting shadows, dense subharmonic massings, subtle drone textures and ambiguous sound events lurking at the fringes of perception.

Their s/t debut release is a look through the pinhole at a band's honest and unhindered purge of expression. Slim Smith's name is high on the list of great singers that came out of Jamaica. The various movements flow one into another like a forward march to the center of the unknown, take the listener past scenes of edginess and loss, a haunted landscape punctuated by echoes. Black Flag's 2013 full-length is a monumental 22-track collection of scathing songs. Above all is representative of unbridled sexuality. 180 gram vinyl and the original artwork make this issue a must. The debut-LP from the burned-mind industrial vehicle of Noah Anthony (NIGHT BURGER).

Formed in the rock'n'roll underground of Melbourne, Australia in 2012, Child have captured the attention of heavy rock and blues enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. So sit back and enjoy the set, now available on CD. an eerie, unnatural fantasia that borders on the sinister. Chango, God of virility & strength, also of thunder & lightning. Originally released in 1971 this album instantly achieved cult status and sits in well with bands such as Damnation, Power Of Zeus, Grand Funk and other early '70's US long hair heavy rock bands.

The sound for this new vinyl edition is taken from the master tapes. In 1973 singer Joy had quit het group Joy Unlimited, which then was fronted by Ken Traylor. Yann Tomitas blissed out 'Laughter Robots Hemp Mix' helps to bring the track back to earth, with spacy, phased percussion and heavy electronic dub passages. - DISCHARGE continued their influential legacy into the 21st century, first releasing 'Tour Edition 001' and then a blistering 3-song EP of new material entitled 'Beginning Of The End'.

Drawing influence from an ever growing, ever evolving sonic palette, you will find Child's roots tightly entwined in and around the blues, whilst taking a heavier and more visceral approach. TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW The Jamaican reggae/ska duo of Dave and Ansell Collins hit the big time in 1970 when they topped the UK Charts with one of the all time classic reggae singles, 'Double Barrel'. LUSTMORD (aka Brian Williams) for an extended journey inspired by the title and the hypnotic minimalism of ANDREI TARKOVSKY'S mesmerizing future/fiction film Stalker.

Their s/t debut release is a look through the pinhole at a band's honest and unhindered purge of expression. TEN THOUSAND TONS OF DOLLAR BILLS - BUNNY LEE ALLSTARS 09. ROBERT RICH joins underground sound design legend B.

This vinyl reissue of the debut-LP includes two bonus tracks, 'Stories' and 'Cheese', taken from a '74 non-LP 7-inch. Darker Shade of Black: War Glitterbeat's first remix album with ten genre-spinning, mind-bending sonic reinventions of the Glitterbeat catalogue. Eye, Hira, Yamamoto, Yoshimi P-We, and ATR/Atari are credited as performers here, though it is likely that '6' is Eye solo.

The five following albums saw the style shift towards a more symphonic direction. Aside from a harsh noise buffer in opener '01', some slicing cymbal in '13', and some squeaking ape stomp in '14', 'Super Roots 6' is the gentlest of any Boredoms release, a collection of static and minimally fucked-with beats, sometimes juxtaposed with world music loop overlays.

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Formed in the rock'n'roll underground of Melbourne, Australia in 2012, Child have captured the attention of heavy rock and blues enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Includes Brainticket's 'Cottonwoodhill' (1971), Drum Circus's 'Magic Theatre' (1971), Brainticket's 'Psychonaut' (1971), Brainticket's 'Celestial Ocean' (1974), Joel Vandroogenbroeck's 'Biomechanoid' (1980), Brainticket's 'Live In Rome' (1973) and bonus tracks by Brainticket, Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Nunzio Rotondo, Barry Window & The Movewents and Joel Vandroogenbroeck with Santucci & Scoppa.

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